Psychic ability development is skill development! Everyone is psychic, with varying degrees of sensitivity. Through practice, you can learn to recognize your own psychic ability. Our subtle energy body is the method by which we both sense and interact with the energy of others and the world around us. By developing a practice of meditation and following a reasonable progression, you can learn:
* Psychometry (the psychic reading of information imprinted onto objects)
* Imprinting energy (creating intentional impressions on energy fields)
* Clairvoyance (the psychic perception of spirits and remote locations)
* Telepathy and Empathy (the psychic transference of information)
* Astral Projection (the projection of consciousness through the astral plane)
…and more!

Now revised and updated, Subtle Energy describes the underlying philosophy and theory behind this approach to psychic ability. It then applies this theoretical model in a way that teaches you how to perform these abilities without depending on cookie-cutter techniques or rigid visualizations. By having a firm model for understanding how psychic energy works, you can develop a much stronger, holistic practice that is apparent in your day to day life.

Informational chapters describe the recent history of subtle energy work since the 1900s that has brought us to where we are today. You will learn about the nature of the energy body, chakras, and the aura that we all possess. Additional chapters provide information on how to use psychic ability to interface with other magical or occult systems, including elemental magic, personal alchemy, and ritual magic. A Hermetic philosophical framework allows for easy integration with other Western magical systems. A discussion of elements, both Eastern and Western, provides a framework for integrating even into some Eastern forms of magic.

This book is intended for the beginner or intermediate practitioner of subtle energy and psychic ability. It looks to provide a solid foundation for continued study into more advanced topics through specific psychic approaches, without relying on overly simplified visualization techniques. But even experienced practitioners or teachers may gain new perspectives and insights into how the subtle body functions and how this functioning results in many experiences common to beginning energy workers.

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We inhabit a world filled with spirits. Conscious beings with bodies comprised of subtle energy surround us and regularly interact with our world. When these interactions take on a negative tone, we call them hauntings. You can access your own natural psychic ability to gain a greater understanding of these beings, what they want, and what they have to tell you.

There are many kinds of spirits, ranging from the diminutive local spirit to powerful deities. In the first part of Subtle Spirits, you will learn about the most common types of spirits to be involved in hauntings, as well as the places most likely to be haunted. You will learn the difference between ghosts, demons, spirits, and local protectors. Whether you’re the subject of a haunting or just curious about the spiritual world, the book describes the ways in which spirits contact us and why. Learn about the spirits that inhabit:
* Houses
* Graveyards
* Crossroads
* Forests
* Lakes, Rivers
* Prisons
… and many more!

In the second part, you will learn how to develop your own psychic ability in a progressive, step by step way focused on those faculties most beneficial to communicating with spirits. Develop your own skill of telepathy, empathy, and clairvoyance! You’ll also learn techniques for channeling spirits and serving as a psychic medium to communicate messages from the spirits around us.Additionally, you can learn techniques for divination through spirits, including pendulum dowsing, the use of dice and marbles, and the use of talking boards and automatic writing for mediumship and channeling.

This book is a must have for those who are haunted or just interested in spirits, specters, and apparitions. Those who are interested in becoming a psychic medium can find a good start as well, with introductory material aimed to help a person quickly develop control over their innate psychic faculties. Information on paranormal investigation and “ghost hunting” helps to bridge the gap between the spiritual and scientific approaches to investigating the paranormal world.

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