While many paranormal investigation teams focus on technological and scientific investigations to confirm the presence of spirits, I prefer to work within the information we have in ways that are meaningful to the people who have called me.  Instead of strictly relying on technology designed to give scientific proof of the presence of a haunting, I focus on using magical, spiritual, and psychic techniques towards the same ends.  Using diverse methods such as seances, scrying, clairvoyance, or evocation, I aim to interact with the paranormal world using paranormal tools.

I am available for consultation on hauntings, poltergeists, and other paranormal events and occurrences.  I will also work with paranormal investigation teams as a psychic consultant to complement their own approaches towards investigations.  Following an investigation I may perform a remediation to resolve problems caused by the haunting as well as teach you how to do the same.

We operate in the Baltimore-Washington and North Jersey regions and may be able to make arrangements to work elsewhere or to investigate remotely via remote viewings or consult with other local teams.

Contact me with details of your situation and to discuss consultancy or investigation requests or to make an appointment.