What’s all this then?

Turtles and Crows is the part personal, part professional website of Keith Miller, focusing on divination, magic, and folk magic traditions from a variety of traditions.  I have been studying the paranormal and occult for over 19 years, specifically focusing on parapsychology and psychic abilities, divinatory magic, astrology, and initiatic traditions, but with knowledge of a range of magical traditions across cultures and times.  I am currently in various stages of progress on several books, and have recently begun making appearances to talk on related topics.


Who is Keith Miller?

I’m a psychic, and a teacher, researcher, and author about paranormal topics.  I have been involved in esoteric and occult communities since I was a young kid, having never quite managed to quit being a weird psychic (despite, at times, considerable effort).  In order to make sense of my life and the weird world we live in, I’ve studied a number of occult traditions and spiritual paths.  From a young age, I have also been involved in teaching people to develop their own psychic abilities.  I have struggled with this at times, which is why I spent a considerable amount of my time in graduate school researching how people learn psychic abilities and develop intuition.  I hold a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology from Atlantic University, and a bachelor’s in psychology from Ohio University.

In addition to studying parapsychology and the paranormal, I have also studied a number of different ritual magic and sorcery traditions from around the world.  I am a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism in the Drikung Kagyu tradition, and a student of Tibetan astrology, studying under Khenpo Ngawang Dorje. I also am a Tibetan language translator, having worked on such texts as the Confession of Non-Virtuous Deeds according to the Arya Ranakutra (Noble Stack of Jewels) Sutra and Essence of the Mahayana Teachings.

I’ve been studying the occult and esoteric in some form or another for my entire adult life and most of my childhood, and have studied a wide range of topics within Western esotericism.  Though the primary focus of my practice is divinatory magic, my main research interest is initiation and initiatic traditions, and I have a wide exposure and general competency in both traditional ceremonial magic, folk magic, as well as more modern methods of energy work.

As with all paranormal work, nothing is certain, and the services I offer come with no guarantee; but I never charge for or offer services at which am not appropriately competent.  I maintain a network of colleagues and friends for consultancy on topics about which I am uncertain, and if I am uncertain of something I will always let you know that.


Why Turtles?  Why Crows?

Turtles and crows are both significant animals in the divinatory traditions of many cultures.  It is on the belly of the Turtle Manjushri that we find encoded the elemental astrological charts of the Tibetan tradition, and this form of astrology is sometimes called Turtle Divination.  In China, the secrets of Feng Shui were revealed to Fu Xi on the back of a giant tortoise emerging from the Luo River.  Plastromancy, the study of a turtle’s plastron to divine information, was also practiced in China.

Crows in nature are known for their watchfulness and clever minds, and in Rome the auspices, the priestly practitioners of divination by way of watching the movement of birds, knew of crows as a source of knowledge.  In Ireland, the crow can portend war or death, with three crows in particular indicating the presence of the triune Phantom Queen.  In Tibet, the calls, locations, and flight of crows over the course of a day can predict what is to come.  Indeed, the very art of delivering a meaningful divination is often called “the language of birds,” and crows here represent that ideal.