It’s a strange thing, deciding to (finally) go full-time professional in the paranormal field. It’s a tricky thing with a lot of consideration ahead of time. I made the decision a few years ago, after being asked to speak at a conference; but it’s something I’d been deliberating since I was a young kid writing how-to articles. And it’s funny how we scuttle our own plans: I decided to go pro, dusted off my old manuscripts, rewrote a book and started on a few others…and then promptly decided I needed more research, more studying, and more knowledge, and went back to school.

I just graduated with a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology and I can’t keep putting this off. I’ll never know as much as I want to, and we can always be better. We should always be learning.

I’ll be renovating this website over the next few days, updating it and preparing it for the time ahead. During my studies I did research on psychic ability and intuition pedagogy. I looked at how different traditions have used different methods, how the “intuitive” and “psychic” worlds intersect and relate, and how their different methods create unnecessary barriers that impede the development in both. I am now beginning to assemble all of that information into a course which will help people develop their intuition and improve psychic sensitivity as well as help cultivate specific psychic ability. I’ll be posting updates over time, as well as beginning a much-requested series of lectures or rants in video format.

I look forward to moving forward with this long, strange trip in 2019, and I appreciate your patience over the last year as I’ve neglected this site. I look forward to a happy new year.

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