Subtle Energy

Subtle Energy is a book which explores the theoretical bases of psychic energy work in order to cultivate good habits and skills for developing your own techniques, rather than relying on those of others.  Starting with a brief review of the history and foundations of psychic energy working, we then explore the basic skills upon which to build a practice of subtle energy.  Each chapter builds on the previous until, in the end, the psychic energy working is able to produce magical effects in the world as well as augment other magical actions by integrating the practice of subtle energy manipulation.


Subtle Energy is a book aimed at both beginners and experienced practitioners of psychic energy work by providing a strong basis for establishing a practice as well as a novel approach that can provide new insights to intermediate and advanced psychic energy workers from other backgrounds.  Whether you’re hearing about psychic energy work for the first time, or you’re a longtime practitioner of magic and psionics, there’s something for you in Subtle Energy.

You can pick up a copy by searching or ordering from CreateSpace (I get paid slightly more if you pick it up here) or as a Kindle eBook.

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