I’ve just returned from Crucible 2016, having been invited by organizer Arthur Moyer of Omnimancy to present Divination without Self-Deception.  The contents of the presentation will be made available over time on this blog as well as in an eventual book.  I had the amazing opportunity to sit on a panel with Jason Miller of Strategic Sorcery.  For those of you who don’t know Jason’s work and have an interest in the occult, I highly suggest it.  Jason’s presentation talked about the Tarot de Marseille and how to throw Tarot without engaging in vague esoteric twaddle. His talk so well corresponded to my own inclinations for divination that it has removed a long-standing disinterest in Tarot.

Other speakers presented on spirit summoning, a fantastic talk detailing Gerry O’Sullivan’s research about Montague Summers, a talk by Amy Alice Christensen about accidental talismans that I very much look forward to watching but unfortunately missed due to the track system.  I also had the excellent good fortune to meet Ian Corrigan, and spend a good long time talking with him late into the night.

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