What I Offer

I am an astrologer, psychic, and sorcerer.  I use Tibetan and Western astrological techniques, teach people to develop their own psychic ability, and provide consultations and divinations to help people improve their lives. Whether you're looking for guidance or ready to develop your own psychic ability, it's time to get in touch.
I offer both Western and Tibetan astrological consultations, specializing in Tibetan elemental obstacle calculations.  Not only do I divine obstacles to your life and goals, but I offer practical solutions and remedies to resolve problems.
Intuition Development
I have spent years not only developing my own intuitive skills, but also learning how to teach them to others. I offer private and group lessons to beginners and experienced psychics alike on intuition and psychic ability development.
Years of practice and study have given me insight into a wide variety of paranormal and spiritual topics. I can provide insight about your situation and help enact actionable solutions. I also perform divinations for individuals with specific questions about all aspects of life, as well as magical solutions or referral to other sorcerers who can help.

Recent Writing

Updates on events and occasional blog contents. Learn more about what I do and where I do it.
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Keith Miller
Keith Miller

Astrologer, Psychic, Sorcerer

I am an astrologer, psychic, and sorcerer.  I am also a Tibetan language translator. I practice traditional Tibetan astrology and magic, Western astrology, and a wide variety of magical and psychic techniques from around the world. I hold an MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Atlantic University, where I studied how people learn and develop intuition and psychic ability.

    Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson

    Energy Worker, Mindset Coach

    Evan is a longtime energy worker and trombone performer and instructor. He studies music pedagogy, and provides indispensable advice on both learning and teaching. He helps at events with booths and offers mindset instruction to help you achieve your goals.